Become part of one of the fastest growing crypto communities ever created.

Bonfire is bringing the global community together by building the world’s first crypto-based social media network with an ecosystem of decentralized apps powered by its deflationary token.

Contract address: 0x5e90253fbae4dab78aa351f4e6fed08a64ab5590
Original Supply
% Burned
10% tax on transactions
5% Distributed to holders
5% Added to liquidity
Profit from holding
We reward holders with a 5% transaction tax which puts $BONFIRE directly into your wallet every time someone buys or sells

What’s new?

The Bonfire development team is working hard to build the decentralized applications that will form the Bonfire ecosystem. Multiple Bonfire projects are being worked on concurrently.
The official Bonfire app
A Bonfire branded wallet designed especially for integration with our ecosystem.
  • View current balance
  • Check transaction history
  • Monitor live token info
  • Track passive reward income
  • Receive alerts and notifications
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The Bonfire ICO Launchpad
  • Launchpad for vetted ICOs
  • Early access proportional to holdings
  • ICOs audited and assigned a score
  • View details on upcoming projects
  • Built on the Binance Smart Chain
  • Integration with NFTs
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Bonfire Social
The world’s first crypto-based social media network
  • Integration of Bonfire ecosystem
  • Social profile to share and connect
  • Direct integration of wallet
  • Live portfolio tracking
  • Buy, sell & swap crypto
  • Facilitation of crypto communities
  • Outlet to share, buy, and sell content
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A way to stay cozy together
Bonfire sets itself apart from other projects in the crypto-space by providing diverse utility to its deflationary token and incentivizing tokenomics which encourage users to hold it long term. In addition to passive rewards through token redistribution, Bonfire holders will be able to receive perks and rewards on the Bonfire ecosystem under development proportional to how much Bonfire they hold. Token utility will be based around holding and not transacting. Bonfire also has a large and dedicated community, which will help ensure each decentralized application has a large user base upon release.
Meet the team
How does Bonfire work?
Bonfire is an inherently deflationary asset that rewards holders and punishes trading bots and swing traders. Every transaction, including buys and sells, includes a 10% tax. Of this 10%, 5% is added to liquidity and the other 5% is redistributed to holders proportional to how much Bonfire they hold. As part of the frictionless token redistribution process, a large number of tokens are added to the burn wallet with every transaction and taken out of circulation. This makes it more difficult for whales and trading bots to game the system.
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How is Bonfire different?
Bonfire seeks to forge a path in the altcoin market by providing true utility to an inherently deflationary asset. Bonfire is developing an ecosystem of decentralized applications that rewards users specifically for holding Bonfire tokens. For example, the Firestarter ICO Launchpad will give users early access to ICO listings proportional to how much Bonfire they hold, allowing holders with more Bonfire to receive cheaper prices on ICOs.
Why Bonfire

Why Bonfire?

Bonfire represents both a dedicated, global cryptocurrency community and a comprehensive vision for a decentralized social media network with an ecosystem of apps to provide utility to token holders.
Core vision
Creating the first crypto social media network

As a decentralized monetary system, cryptocurrency is inherently about bringing the common people together. The mission of Bonfire is to give cryptocurrency users around the world their very own platform to facilitate this community.

Experienced team
Specialized industry professionals

The Bonfire team has decades of experience in the software, application development, marketing, and design industries. Over the last 20 years our team members have shipped numerous technologies and social projects to global communities in over 30 countries around the world.

Global community
Growing number of nations & languages

Bonfire has more than 32K active users on telegram and other platforms like Discord and Reddit. The Bonfire family keeps adopting new active members every day.

App ecosystem
Providing diverse token utility

“Firestarter” ICO launchpad for vetted tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. “Fireswap” application for liquidity pools and DeFi protocols. Original iOS and Android application. NFT Marketplace.

Proven tokenomics
Stability through deflationary asset

Every transaction on the Bonfire blockchain takes a 10% tax. 5% is redistributed to all the users and 5% is added to the liquidity pool. This format makes it very hard for bots and swing traders to manipulate the system.

Trusted token
Contract renounced, no developer wallet

Locked liquidity. Renounced contract. No developer wallet. Majority of tokens distributed amongst the smaller holders. Externally audited. Built on the Binance Smart Chain network.

Our experts

The Bonfire development team includes specialized experts with combined decades of experience in their respective fields.

Become part of one the fastest growing crypto communities ever created.

With tens of thousands of active users across multiple social platforms, Bonfire aims to be a true community token.
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